The SOFT FOCUS in this macro has a point


Was your eye drawn to the red center of this bloom?

Did you think wow that’s a bad shot?

Did your eye wander around the image to find the true focal point?

I hope you enjoy this macro with a SOFT FOCUS.

Do You See What I See…  

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22 thoughts on “The SOFT FOCUS in this macro has a point

  1. Linda Hawken

    As I was viewing this exquisite shot on my tablet, was unable to see the whole image at once until I scrolled down, so yes I was drawn to the red first. But when I got to see the whole thing, I was blown away… It’s certainly a keeper, PC!


  2. lynn

    my eye went directly to the pistils then toward the red centre, after it lazily took in the petals and back to the pistil…this is a ‘wow’ really lovely photo


  3. KarenAnn

    My eye went to the stamens and their pollen which is usually such an interesting part of the blossom. Lovely with the flower in soft focus as a backdrop for the “business” end of the flower.


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