Growing up in a rural area my CHILDHOOD interests were connected to nature.

This week while removing Bagworm caterpillar crystallines from a holly bush this little tree frog sat on an inner leaf watching me.

I moved some of the outer leaves to get a better look then grabbed the camera. 

The Cheshire Cat look in its eyes just says how my presence affected him.

For more info on Bagworms see my pervious post One of natures Zany creatures

Do You See What I See…

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  1. Frogs are just so interesting to look at and this one has really posed nicely for you, also very impressed with the bagworm moth post – we have something similar that likes wooden fences, never knew there was a caterpillar living inside though.


    1. Good thing I got the shot because I’ve looked for this little tree frog since getting his portrait and have yet to find him. The bagworms are oddities glad you enjoyed it, Tammy ‘ewwed’ at it, lol.


  2. Such a sweet little froggie doing his best to remain unseen while the giant human intrudes into his territory! About how small was he? ? an inch? Ours (not tree frogs) are all hibernating now, hopefully, although we usually have one that tries to burrow into the bottom of our koi pond…unsuccessfully as it has a rubber liner under the bottom debris. Last year we brought one in with the koi in November and it did survive all winter in the rubbermaid tub in the basement.


    1. Yes he was just about an inch long. Aww, how cute that you overwintered one in a tub. When we lived up north frogs would hibernate in our pond that was barely below the frost line and there would be ‘floaters’ every spring.


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