About PC PHOTO – pattycphotography

I photographed people for a living and after retirement I began exploring nature and wildlife photography. This blog started as I learned more about digital  photo editing I joined a Photo Challenge group that was associated with PhotoShop Elements software. The learning curve for both blogging and photo editing have stretched my abilities and sometimes my patience as far as editing is concerned further than imaginable. I have met lifelong friends that continue to inspire and encourage my photography since this journey began and I thank each and everyone of you.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photographs and kindly remind you that all content is protected by copyright ©pc photo. All Rights Reserved unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited.

Thanks for taking time to stop by  …Do You See What I See

Remember to stay in your own lane and go take more photos



27 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog.
    How do you link your photos to the 365 challenge? I could not find that info and nobody responded to my question after I joined…..

    • Thanks Marina for looking around my blog. I’m happy you enjoy my photo’s ;->
      I’ve sent you an email with the information you requested for joining the 365 Challenge – glad you decided to join in the fun.

  2. please check out my today’s post, about awards and more… I’ve mentioned you there ’cause you’ve nominated me once ~or twice~ and to show my respect for your work 😀

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