Nature was where I began learning photography. My professional photography career began long before digital cameras, sd cards, computers and software. My tools were cameras that used lenses that didn’t autofocus, film and darkrooms. Professionally I have always used Nikon gear. As I built my own studio and clientele base I was the darkroom technician for a daily newspaper, worked at photo lab used exclusively by professional photographers and freelanced for a large metro photography company. I shot all the general categories portraits, weddings, events and sports.  Having a camera in my hands was second nature I enjoyed the places that I went and things I was able to experience through my work. I entered photo contests (so yeah, insert the obligatory “Award winning photographer” here), had work displayed in galleries and participated in group affiliations all the things that helped better my craft and to make more money. My motto was, if you are going to work you may as well do something you love doing. And today coming full circle with my returning to the roots of my photo journey, in nature. Nature is where I find the peace I seek and it gives me joy to share snippets of my experiences with you. Throughout time I have learned that I am happiest when I stay in my own lane, life is not a competition and all we are is dust in the wind. Remember to take some time to stop and smell the roses.

Thanks for taking time stop by and to learn a little bit about me.

27 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog.
    How do you link your photos to the 365 challenge? I could not find that info and nobody responded to my question after I joined…..


    • Thanks Marina for looking around my blog. I’m happy you enjoy my photo’s ;->
      I’ve sent you an email with the information you requested for joining the 365 Challenge – glad you decided to join in the fun.


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