CHRISTMAS isn’t what it used to be thanks to Black Friday

Do You See What I See…  

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22 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS isn’t what it used to be thanks to Black Friday

  1. Hi Patty,
    Love this picture! And I agree, Christmas isn’t what it used to be. Have a great day!

    P. S. The top picture is Luke, his hair is longer than Bella’s, and more curls.

  2. this is smashingly cool, crisp and clear with an obvious story behind it, I’ve never heard of Black Fridays, another google moment coming up…

    • Don’t waste your google fingers on black friday. American retailers say they make most of their annual sales during the friday after thanksgiving. Unfortunately black friday started on thursday this year. UGH it’s all about the money they forget what the season is for real.

  3. Your photo really portrays how my head feels when I am bombarded by all the ads for Black Friday! Love your collage and the b/w processing to emphasize the graphics.

    • Thanks Otto. only I wouldn’t consider it a collage, I dropped the pile on the floor and haphazardly arranged a couple and shot the things. lol Thank goodness I had presence of mind to take it into pse and topaz for a distrotion and black and white tweak.

  4. Excellent ! The whole Black Friday thing has even infected Canadian shopping. I don’t think it improves the season for anyone except the retailers and the credit card companies.

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