Links to equipment and products I use – and helpful tips for those new to wildlife photography


(call me a purist call me what you like, I shoot with Nikon cameras & lenses)


Singhray Filters


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshope Elements

Topaz plug ins

Nature Photographers Code of Conduct

•First study the species you want to photograph. Make sure that you can recognize signs of stress.

•Never let your presence cause the animal any stress. If there is a sign of stress, pull back.

•Familiarize yourself with the local rules concerning wildlife, such as the minimum distance to be kept between you and the animals, and be sure to obey them.

•Keep in mind that the animals are always unpredictable.

•Keep in mind that you are intruding in the animal’s world – you are its guest. Conduct your activity accordingly and leave whenever your host gives even the slightest hint that you are no longer welcome.

•Do not entice a wild animal with food (baiting) in order to get the photo. Allow the animal to be wild, and to move about on its own accord. Note – photos of live-baited birds are prohibited in the NPN Avian Gallery. Photos of baited wildlife are prohibited in the NPN Wildlife Gallery.

•Consider using a blind or camouflage to bring the subject within photo range without disturbing it.

•Use a lens of long enough focal length to avoid approaching the subject too closely. Also, consider composing your photos to show more of the animal’s environment.