Breaking the rules…

Unlike laws rules are guidelines established as starting points they are meant to be bent or broken. On a recent outing I made the decision to shoot landscapes with a macro lens and I shot macros with a super zoom.1 landscape w macro 1-2 landscape w macro 3-9186-23 macro with super zoom 2-53634 thistle blooms-5517

Do you break the rules or bend them?

All we are is dust in the wind so count your blessings and go take more photos.

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An ORDINARY wildflower

Ordinary - wild flower1This native Florida wildflower is an ORDINARY sight along marshlands it is a white milkweed.

It stands about 6 inches high and blooms are approximately the size of the tip of an index finger.

It doesn’t resemble the northern variety of milkweed at all.

Do You See What I See… 

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