MACRO photography… not what you expected?

Photographers hear the word MACRO and thoughts automatically expect to see an image containing intensely detailed close up view.

However, this photographer thought a 70 – 300mm lens was on the camera when in fact a 105mm Micro/macro was mounted.

Macro* - Not what you expected1

Just because a lens has a manufacturers designation as Prime, Zoom, Macro etc. it doesn’t mean that alternative uses aren’t an option.

When in Rome…

Do You See What I See… 
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The SOFT FOCUS in this macro has a point


Was your eye drawn to the red center of this bloom?

Did you think wow that’s a bad shot?

Did your eye wander around the image to find the true focal point?

I hope you enjoy this macro with a SOFT FOCUS.

Do You See What I See…  

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Today’s photo wasn’t taken recently but the processing is current.

This photographer has come face to face with a creative brick wall between myself and my camera.

We all find ourselves in this place from time to time.

Fortunately I follow a blog that is informative and challenges its readers to dig for their own channel of creativity.

 Set Sail spurred the inspiration for me to push beyond a lack of inspiration and find creativity (albeit minimal) for today’s post. 

A quick tweak using  Topaz Labs plug-in Detail using the Fill Light preset and that’s all.

Hope you enjoy this quiet and quirky moment from last year’s vacation.

Thank you Otto von Munchow for your thoughtful posts that lead me to today’s inspiration.

Do You See What I See…  

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Bells are UTILITIES in the maritime lifestyle

Bells are useful UTILITIES on the sea, relaying information from the wheel house to the deck and below deck.

At the entrance of the St Augustine Marina is a concrete column with 2 huge bells, this view was taken while standing beneath the bells. 

I’d gotten away from B&W because the Topaz filter crashes nearly each time I use it. Thanks to Tammy, Boomer and Steve for suggesting “Quests” be transformed into B&W I decided to continue the process. The program crashed over and over. I did find some work arounds and used previous suggestions to add detail and separation so, it will be interesting to carry on the conversation on your thoughts and suggestions!

Do You See What I See…  

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OBJECTS d’art is in the eye of the beholder

This ceramic pot looked like an intriguing OBJECT d’art not for the design but because of the condition it is in and its solitary presence in an abandoned garden.

A couple comments suggested a narrower dof being applied so here it is, let me know your thoughts.  Ironically this image was originally going to be used but I couldn’t find it in the folder I use for uploads, I thought it had been deleted.

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PASTIMES help pass time

Everyone enjoys PASTIMES, right? Would it be a stretch to point out that photography is one of my favorite PASTIMES? Some say that photography is not an art. What is art? Form, light, textures. What is photography? Form, light, textures. I believe the photo I have chosen to share of clumps of reeds floating in the water at dusk depicts form, light and texture; I give you art. 

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A night with Willie and Company was JOVIAL!

The comedy of Willie and Company is JOVIAL from start to finish. Willie is no dummy and his Mom, Peggy gives him free reign with his wit and playfulness all evening long.

Willie’s great granny Gardner stopped by and had the audience covering their ears when she sang. Willie tried to warn the crowd and tried to distract granny but she had her mind set and her hearing aide turned low, lol.

Willie’s Mom takes time at the end of the performance to talk with people in the audience. 

If you like comedy and you like ventriloquism this is a fantastic show. Stop by their website

All the photo’s here are SOOC and were captured with Olympus SZ-10 – no flash. 

Not bad for a compact digital camera wouldn’t you say?

Stop by or link to SOOC Sunday:

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A storm brewing

Today’s post is a Free Theme of a storm brewing out at sea.

HDR effect was achieved using Topaz Adjust 4, Spicify, minor adjustments in work flow exposure, saturation and color; then to PSE adding a mask to the layer and brushed out some graininess created by spicify.

There is a great tutorial at on how to create quick HDR image usining a single shot. Creating HDR Looks in Topaz Adjust, presented by Deborah Sandidge

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Do not adjust your eyeballs this photo is supposed to make you NUTS, this is a reflection garden consisting of pathways, varied fences and fence heights plus loads of mirrors that distort what the viewer is looking at.

A different way to reflect wouldn’t you say?

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