AI AI AI! I guess it could be worse

It’s all the rage the latest and the greatest AI AI AI, I guess it could be something worse capturing every headline and frankly It would be nice to not see or hear something about it for one day yet here I am spouting off about it. Everyone has an opinion and I’m no different my problem is I’m on the fence when it comes to pro or con because change isn’t something I embrace when it feels like something is being forced into my comfort zone. On one hand I’ve been using versions of AI for years, if you process your photos on a computer you use a form of artificial intelligence. On another hand since it’s emergence in the world of photography it has grown in warp speed the capabilities of what it can do and how it can interpret something as simple as a keyword to create art that one might wish they could accomplish on their own abilities.

I look at thousands of photographs every week because there are photographers whose work I follow because it’s superior to my abilities and I study photos in effort to pick up any nuance of creativity that can help me improve my craft. Of late I find I take more time to examine exceptional works trying to find some clue as to whether this is really great photography or is it something generated using keywording. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with using this technology I do wonder if in the long run it will create its own monster namely lack of effort by the person using it.

At some point you can bet I will be on the AI bandwagon because it’s human nature to do what all the cool kids are doing however in the meantime I’ll continue looking and wondering whether what is before me is what it actually resembled when the shutter was pressed and as I do that I choose to dub it as “ARTIFICIAL IMAGINATION” (™)