A NUISANCE corn snake made this gardener scream and run like a school girl when it emerged from the Australian fern I was pruning. The tree trimmers working a couple houses away got such a chuckle out of the commotion this creature caused that they stopped by to comment when their job was finished.

Do You See What I See… 

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39 thoughts on “Garden NUISANCES

  1. Isn’t he just totally BEAUTIFUL! What are you going to do to ensure that he stays around on a permanent basis, they are fairly choosy about who they are wilng to live with! Oh and some snakes can’t talk and they will just bite you “To Say HELLO:!

    • I must admit it is a beautiful creature. I threw a mothball in the fern in hopes the smell will discourage it from hanging around. That may not have been the best choice though because who knows where it may pop out from!

  2. this is a gorgeous nuisance tho HUGE, does he just slither away only to come back another day…he is looking right at you!!!!!

    • The coloring was the only reason I went back with the camera, Guess it isn’t a bad creature to have around, just wish it would be more subtle in making its presence known.

  3. Don’t blame you. I would have jumped. At least you were able to get a photo.

  4. But you had the guts to go back to snap this “portrait.” Good job! Love the browns and the way it blends into the background.

  5. Can’t say that I blame you, not terrified of snakes in general but when in Oz I do find them a tad bothersome. Never know when it is one of the deadly ones or just a fairly harmless snake. At least the only venemous snake we have in Sweden isn’t dangerous to people (unless you are weak or allergic I guess).

    • One of the first things I did was to look at the snout. Supposedly pointed noses are venemous and round are harmless. To me they all look pointed, lol.

  6. Fantastic capture but ewwwwwwwww…the hairs on my arms are standing straight up!

  7. Very pretty if you can stand to look at it!….it’s the surprise factor that I don’t like and I find myself screeching at the tiniest garter snake. (they’ve been rather numerous lately). I’m usually OK with one but if I see multiples, then I lose it!

    • I’m running and screeching right behind you. Two days later another variety slithered through the back yard. Guess it’s time to put shoes on.

  8. Not too much left to say about this guy that hasn’t been said already………..good thinking on your part to reach for the camera though!

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