After waiting three long years the dream begins to show growth above the spiky leaves

Who would have thought something so prickly could end up being sweet and YUMMY.

Word has it that when grown from the top of a pineapple the plant produces a smaller fruit.

Do You See What I See…

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Soon I will get caught up on viewing the posts that I have missed from the 2012 Photo Challenge participants and all the other great blogs that I follow 🙂

All photos are SOOC 


  1. Everyone above has commented like I would, however as an artist, I think the combination of the colors are mellowing, soft to the eye, distinct and God sure knows how to pick His colors…. Well Done Pearl….. sassy


    1. Thanks Sharon! The colors are beautiful, I took the shots just before sunset and I think the golden hue of the end of the day added much to the images.


  2. Great documentation….and each image beautifully photographed….I think I might feel a little sad to eat it after all this : ( !


  3. The second one reminds me of the Victorian botanical drawings and paintings. Walter Fitch might have drawn and colored this pineapple fruit! It is just soft and lovely!


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