Macro Photography in the garden

coleus with textures  3

Coleus plants aren’t recognizable for their flowers their leaves are usually the main attraction however, this stem of flowers was very attractive to ants.

Do You See What I See…

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Landscape Photography week 3

LANDSCAPE III  The past few weeks landscape photography has been the subject.

Thanks for your input I’ve got some good ideas for the future.

Do you think this view would be considered as a landscape photograph?

Do You See What I See…

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Early summer FLOWERS in the garden

Early summer is a delight for gardeners because of the abundance of FLOWERS. 

This is a macro view into a Southern Magnolia bloom.

The close up look into the flower brought to mind how much this looks like a Jack in the Pulpit and a Peace Lily.

Do You See What I See…

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 A NUISANCE corn snake made this gardener scream and run like a school girl when it emerged from the Australian fern I was pruning. The tree trimmers working a couple houses away got such a chuckle out of the commotion this creature caused that they stopped by to comment when their job was finished.

Do You See What I See… 

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Do not adjust your eyeballs this photo is supposed to make you NUTS, this is a reflection garden consisting of pathways, varied fences and fence heights plus loads of mirrors that distort what the viewer is looking at.

A different way to reflect wouldn’t you say?

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The local community works together to reduce waste going into the landfill and has hired a huge dumpster to deposit vegetation generated from YARD WORK. During the growing season (which is pretty much always) the garden can become overgrown in the blink of an eye. While making our contribution recently I caught a glimpse of this air plant in the brush, a recent deposit from one of the neighbors. It may have been regarded as trash by someone but I captured a treasure.

And yes I took my camera to go to the dumpster 🙂

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Macro Monday SUNSHINE

SUNSHINE and rain are necessities for plants to thrive and survive. While out walking I noticed some palm trees with pod like appendages hanging downward. A little further along on the walk was another palm tree of the same variety with this large creamy colored and very textured bloom. My first thought was it looked like an upside down cornstalk.  

Not sure which variety of palm this is. Any ideas???