One of natures Zany creatures

A shout from outdoors, “come here you have to see this!” What a ZANY looking crystalline with tiny twigs on it.

The length and diameter is approximately that of an index finger.

This bit of nature needed be identified. Have you ever Google searched something that you had no idea what it was?

Several days of persistence paid off, this is a crystalline for a Bagworm moth and they can defoliate your landscape.

Do You See What I See…  

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33 thoughts on “One of natures Zany creatures

    • The twigs are so cool. My new hobby has been seeking them out in the garden, especially because we just put the vegetable garden in.

    • Many frames and angles to capture just the right details, thank goodness these aren’t the days of film and processing costs 🙂

  1. First time I hear about bagworm, but looks very strange with it’s made case around the body. And you made some great close-up of the little fellow.

  2. Awesome crisp details…but ewwwww! Never have seen one of these. Amazing what is out there!

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