An adventure in URBAN night life

Night life in URBAN locations is never dull. Walk down any street, turn any corner and there is bound to be something interesting to see or do. A city event unveiled a sight most people would not associate with urban areas, Hot Air Balloons inflated and tethered in the center of the city. There was a sense of excitement running through the crowd because it was nightfall and we got the thrill of seeing the balloons glow.

Do You See What I See…

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21 thoughts on “An adventure in URBAN night life

    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      This is the same city where I met a girl roller derby member in uniform skating in the street. But the balloons are by far more of a thrill to see for this photographer.


  1. Ellen

    What fun! Very nicely captured. I can almost hear the whoosh too. I would think balloons would be better away from a city and its light poles etc…


  2. KarenAnn

    Gatherings of all kinds are always more exciting at night with the glowing of lights. Awesome to have such a gathering of balloons! Great night photo, too!


  3. eyephotos

    I love watching HAB’s. A couple years ago we happened to be visiting a city that was having a gathering of HABs — dozens in the air at all the time. Beautiful.


  4. munchow

    A very nice shot. I like the way you framed the two balloons, not trying to get both of them fully in the picture. The colours are intense in a muted way – if that makes sense. You shot the picture at exactly the right time, when there is still some blue in the sky. Besides, yes, hot air balloons in the middle of the city – that is quite a rare thing – and must have been thrilling.


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