REMEMBER days gone by using photographs

Photo’s help us to REMEMBER times in our lives, some of them are momentous and others are quiet fleeting moments. While sipping on a cup of coffee I noticed a light fog on the surface of the pool water. Knowing this was most likely not going to happen again until next winter since cool nights are becoming a rarity I was compelled capture an image to help me remember this special time of the morning.

Do You See What I See…

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48 thoughts on “REMEMBER days gone by using photographs

  1. This is an extraordinary photo. I have no training in photography, so I can’t delineate exactly what is right about it, but I’m quite sure the experts could. It has to do with the subtle changes in toning; the angles and composition, the juxtaposition of the crisp palms and the soft mist, as well an the unexpected way the webbed chairs echo the trees. Whatever it it, it all comes together in a united whole that is intriguing and appealing to the eye.

  2. my goodness this is exquisite in all aspects, elegant and dreamy, what a moment you and your camera shared!

    • I like how you worded ‘drift of the mist’, those are perfect words for this moment in my life; so glad I was able to share it with you.

  3. gives a mystic feeling to the photo and so much better than just a poolsight. We should always try to remember this – to capture each moment as they come. the frontpart with patterns in the water and the reflections are great to so overall – very very nice !!

  4. Brilliant!!!!! I feel we have a connection here,,, you the teacher, me the student… Brings back a wonderful memory… Sassy

  5. It’s a really nice photograph. The fact that you took it almost at the surface of the pool, enhances the fog and the mood of the picture. It’s taken exactly at the right moment of the day, when the sky has this beautiful purplish tone.

    • I played around with different angles then one of those lightbulb moments happened and that’s when I got down low. Glad you enjoyed this photol

  6. Very intriguing especially with the fog seeping into the scene and those couple of rippling rings in the water’s surface.

  7. So perfectly composed, from the round ripples in the foreground to the mist rising to the rhythm of the repeating palms and chairs. Truly a must print large image!

    • Thank you Ellen. I will have to buy a house with walls to hang some of my favorites. Open floor plan homes leave little room for wall hanging.

  8. Just another admirer of this fine image…………and do hope it finds a place on your wall…….even if you have to build one…!!!!

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