37 thoughts on “A look through the BOUNDS of the trees

  1. hmca14

    Isn’t it amazing when we see something as if for the very first time!? I think that the themes tend to help us to look more closely at things…….love your exposure, and think the contrast between the white of the lamppost and the subdued tones of the rest of the image, is what makes this so appealing to me.


  2. Madelaine

    I love the creativeness of this photo. I find myself seeing things I’d never seen before also!


  3. Bobbie

    This is such an unusual photo–one doesn’t usually associate lamp posts with trees, and yet it works. I can see this on the cover of a moody novel.


  4. munchow

    A very nice night shot. So serene and peaceful. I like the muted colour palette and the contrast between the glowing lights and the darkness of night but still not completely black. Good composition and strong graphics.


  5. PhotoBlog 2812

    Another great shot. This image works perfectly with your blog title, “Do You See What I See”


  6. KarenAnn

    I feel as though I want to step into the scene between the trees and enjoy the peacefulness of this spot with its reflections and lovely lighting.


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