A spring storm coming over the hill

All things must pass - Shelf cloud coming over the hill1Continuing a nostalgic look back to the past this was the view from the back yard

A spring storm was brewing and a shelf cloud formed


Do You See What I See… 

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NUMBERS – controlled air bubbles

Numbers - controlled air bubbles1The NUMBERS of themes left on my list for the 2013 photo challenge has dwindled to 2

Having never counted the number of controlled air bubbles in this piece of art glass I decided there were enough to keep the theme police at bay

Do You See What I See… 

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An adventure in URBAN night life

Night life in URBAN locations is never dull. Walk down any street, turn any corner and there is bound to be something interesting to see or do. A city event unveiled a sight most people would not associate with urban areas, Hot Air Balloons inflated and tethered in the center of the city. There was a sense of excitement running through the crowd because it was nightfall and we got the thrill of seeing the balloons glow.

Do You See What I See…

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Life is filled with BEGINNINGS

Life is a path of BEGINNINGS

A good place to start looking at BEGINNINGS is birth.

BEGINNINGS abound, such as first teeth, first steps, first day of school and on and on.

Most girls dream of the day they marry.

Walking into the Wedding Garden through the arch and down the path leads to countless new BEGINNINGS. 


Do You See What I See…

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Dining OUTDOORS can be relaxing

The rich colors of the handcrafted tiles on the table were inviting and this looked like a perfect place for OUTDOOR dining. The warmth from the color of the brick pavers on the patio and the coolness from the shade added to the relaxed atmosphere of this garden.  

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OBJECTS d’art is in the eye of the beholder

This ceramic pot looked like an intriguing OBJECT d’art not for the design but because of the condition it is in and its solitary presence in an abandoned garden.

A couple comments suggested a narrower dof being applied so here it is, let me know your thoughts.  Ironically this image was originally going to be used but I couldn’t find it in the folder I use for uploads, I thought it had been deleted.

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Bowling Balls in multiple COLOURS / COLORS

No matter how you spell it COLORS make the world a better place to look at.

This photo is grainy and the highlights are blown out but the brightly colored bowling balls were eye catching and the only camera on hand was an iPod Touch, and as someone recently commented any camera is better than no camera when something interesting pops up. With some effort an image that could have been deleted looks a little more interesting.

My workflow was inspired from a tutorial on Photoradar.com – Create 3 D effects.

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