A Macro Monday PASTEL

Here is a happy collection of PASTEL color seashells for Macro Monday. The shells not only had the soft creamy colorizations they are also tactile soft like a worry stone. These were automatic candidates for my favorite beach treasures collection because they look like ears. Do You See What I See…

 Happy Macro Monday stop by http://lisaschaos.com/ to see more fun Macro posts!

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22 thoughts on “A Macro Monday PASTEL

  1. danudin

    She sells seashells by the seashore while she watches the ragged rascal running round the rugged rocks, say this quickly three times and call me in the morning.


  2. PC PHOTO Post author

    Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving your comments! Time seems to be getting the upper hand in my time management sorry I haven’t been answering all of your posts but I have read and appreciate each one 🙂


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