This view of the coquina rocks on the shore of Washington Oaks Gardens State Park evokes deep EMOTIONS within because of my love of nature. This is my contribution for SOOC hoping you see what I see and enjoy.

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24 thoughts on “EMOTIONS – SOOC Sunday

  1. Lighthousegal

    Oh what a lovely spot to walk while just soaking up the wonderous scene or to loose yourself in thought. This is a perfect spot to go when troubled by life’s stresses. How could you worry about anything while your eyes are beholding such beauty. An uncle of mine used to tell me that if I were troubled by something, the water’s edge… be it the ocean or a lake… is the perfect spot to go. Cast your cares into the sea, let your mind go free.


  2. PC PHOTO Post author

    Thanks to all for stopping by and leaving your comments! Time seems to be getting the upper hand in my time management sorry I haven’t been answering all of your posts but I have read and appreciate each one 🙂


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