Macro Monday contribution: TOGETHER = to touch or combine

Hey it’s Macro Monday, time to stop over to and see all the fun posts and add one of your own! Here is my Macro Monday contribution – what do you think?

Say it however you want; disarray, jumbled, mangled, mingled, mixed up, muddled, tangled or twisted these air roots from a tropical tree are all TOGETHER!

Nature is filled with amazing sights to see, to photograph, to sketch we just need to take a moment to look and be inspired. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. Remember to stop and smell the roses 😉

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19 thoughts on “Macro Monday contribution: TOGETHER = to touch or combine

  1. Tony

    They really are from a tropical tree. Looking at your image I thought, it was a rope lying there. Marvellous Macro on this Monday!


  2. Ellen

    This sure draws one in, so nice! I saw ropes too, I love that in tropical/semi-tropical places that roots can work in the air. As a plant nerd though, I must wonder about your tags- roses?


  3. PC PHOTO Post author

    Will begin with your question; the rose tag was automatically generated by WordPress, Most likely because of my last sentence of stopping to smell the roses. Secondly I’m so happy you enjoyed the air roots! As a northerner the only time we saw them was when the pothos was growing, lol.


  4. KarenAnn

    Neat root structure…I was thinking rope at first glance also. Are they brittle? maybe they could be used as ropes if you were marooned on an island!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      The roots are more flexible when they are ‘young’ like any bark or hard wood growth the older it gets the tougher it is to flex. Good thinking about the island thing will keep that in mind if I go on a cruise.


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