Can a fence have a RELATIONSHIP?

Last week I asked a fence question today I have another thought about fences. 


For most of us a day at the ocean is all about sun and fun in the water. We pass over sand dunes without much thought on our way to the beach. Sand dunes are an extension of the ocean this is where shoreline plants and animals live. Dunes are also a natural barrier between the sea and the land. 


Coastal sand dunes and fences have a very close RELATIONSHIP. Natural occurrences such as tropical storms that can alter this area. One of the ways to protect sand dunes is to place sections of fence parallel to the shoreline to diminish loss of this precious land. 


This photo was taken on the Atlantic Ocean coast in Florida and it shows how time has weathered these sections of fence blends in flawlessly with the natural habitat it is protecting.

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20 thoughts on “Can a fence have a RELATIONSHIP?

  1. KarenAnn

    Such a neat perspective with all those weathered bits of fencing lined up helping to secure the landscape. I am always amazed at how grasses can adapt to a sandy and salty environment such as this…you have presented the lesson well!


  2. danudin

    Man attempting to control Nature, is just one way of putting MAN in his place! LOL. If you are interested ind sand Dunes check out this link;
    It is the wikipedia page for Fraser Island – The Worlds biggest Sand Island. a really super place to visit, but don’t forget the Dingoes are Wild – Don’t Feed or try to pet em!


  3. Steven

    I really like the photo as it shows both nature and the attempts to preserve it. Also it is a pretty image! It’s hard to believe that such a fragile looking fence can act as a defense in a hurricane, but I guess they wouldn’t be putting these up if they didn’t.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks Alex! I’ve stopped by your site and find your photos and artistic insight very interesting also. Don’t be a stranger 😉


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