WEATHERED Lifebouy a lifesaver just the same.

Have you heard the saying, Weathering the Storm? What you see has little to do with storms although this lifebouy has sat through some. Exposure to high heat and humidity for long periods of time has WEATHERED this lifebouy. Dirt and mold has layered itself on this lifebouy. It is hard to imagine putting it over my head and about my body in its current condition nevertheless if the need arose the thought of cleanliness probably wouldn’t be a concern.

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27 thoughts on “WEATHERED Lifebouy a lifesaver just the same.

  1. I like the monochromatic look of this, and I agree – the mold would be the last thing you cared about if this was thrown to you to save your life.

    • Thanks Gisele believe it or not there is just a slight levels adjustment done on this one. Of course how many colors can dirt and grime be?? LOL.

  2. Function rules for this subject which your photo certainly emphasizes. It’s a faithful piece of equipment waiting to be put to use.

    • At first look I wasn’t too interested in photographing this because of the ick factor; glad I changed my mind – it is cool dispite the grunge.

  3. This is one of my favorites this year! I love the monochrome, macro, detailed, perspective look of this shot. Glad you decided to shoot it!

  4. Oh I love this. the subtle colors.. and the thought of the “imense duty” is has when ask to perform. A great subject Pearl.. I’m so impressed…. Sassy

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