The Letter “F” is fruity!

A neighbor grows several variety of figs and until we had a conversation about these tasty treats from nature I’d only known of 2 varieties. I call this photograph “generations” because the central focus of the image contains “F”ruits in 3 stages of growth. There have been few if any times I have ever seen immature, ripe and past prime fruits on the same branch clustered together like these Figs are.

Although the sight was unique the original photo image was lack luster so I added a dash of creativity using pse and topaz adjust plug in.

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21 thoughts on “The Letter “F” is fruity!

  1. Great creative image of the figs, dried figs are a favourite.
    I see you figured out for yourself how to change the background colour, good fresh colours that complement the fig photo.

    • … sort of fell in to learning how to change the background color ( did take notes).
      Thanks for sharing your enjoyment – I get loads of inspiration from your photo’s!

    • Glad you liked this one. Fresh figs can be pricey but if you ever get the opportunity you have to try one. Fig Newtons will never be the same 😉

  2. Interesting collection of the generations in your image. I assume all but the green one can be eaten?

  3. Nice composition and processing. As the poet said, “Every fig has his entrance and his exit.”

  4. What a great composition for “F” I love the word.. it’s simple, just 3 letters and beautiful…..

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