Who says LITERATURE has to be one of the classics?

The LITERATURE theme was going to be a snap for me (pardon the photo pun). I had photographed a collection of Dickens then I came across a set of high school yearbooks in the historic archive section at the library. Yearbooks are common so why are we looking at a couple rows of them? The dictionary defines literature as written superior works with lasting artistic merit AND books and writings on a particular subject. Which brings us to the use of yearbooks as literature. The theme police can stand at ease. This collection of yearbooks date back to the 1930’s they are all on the same subject, high school. We all go to high school, we all appear in photo’s. 

When I saw the plaque honoring her contribution I smiled and knew my focus on literature was taking a different path. Miss Margaret Harrington didn’t take any “guff” (one of her favorite words to get the attention of someone getting out of line during class). “Maggie” (no one dared call her that to her face) was a character and was passionate about her profession. She taught my parents and she was the best teacher I ever had. When I saw her collection I had to honor her contribution on the subject of high school literature.

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16 thoughts on “Who says LITERATURE has to be one of the classics?

  1. Steven

    Cool that Maggie donated her collection! I collect annuals of note that I find on my job. I have Edward R. Murrow’s senior year at WSU and a local high school that had the dreaded Glen Beck in it. In one photo he was a magician in some school pageant; wish he could have made himself disappear!


  2. Wayne

    LOL….I have to agree on the ‘literature’ idea of yearbooks but still….it’s nice to look back and i suppose from time to time ( especially at class reunion times ) people will refer to them.


  3. KarenAnn

    So did these yearbooks have handwritten notes etc in them as is the custom so many places? I’d love to read some of those although I cringe when I revisit my old HS yearbooks…so silly we were! Enjoyed the back story. BTW, are yearbooks still as popular as they used to be with the new generation of students? With Facebook and all the social media, I wonder if they have lost some of their luster.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Funny I didn’t crack one of them open; it would have been like walking on her grave for me. Your question of whether YB’s are still published – I have no clue. Anyone out there know???


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