Can STUFFED ANIMALS stuff their faces?

I walked past this store front promoting birthday parties many times. The design was clearly for a younger audience. People would linger as they walked by while children would squeal with delight. The sight of STUFFED ANIMALS sitting at a table wearing party hats in a room filled with Happy Birthday posters and colorful party decor were eye catching. Can you imagine how many children fantasized about attending such a fun party?

Each time I passed by I thought I should get a picture. You know that little inner voice we so often ignore? Finally one day that nagging feeling tugged so hard I stopped and snapped through the window until I had something to share in my photo blog knowing it would bring a smile to even the most grumpy soul.

Good thing I carry a camera where ever I. Double good I got the shot when I did. Today I passed by and the display was gone!

So the question remains can STUFFED ANIMALS stuff their faces? Is that what happened and they all left the party stuffed???  I suppose only our imaginations can answer that question.

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18 thoughts on “Can STUFFED ANIMALS stuff their faces?

  1. Tony

    first: Love your picture, it’s a pretty scene and I can imagine the children in front of this all
    second: On behalf of stuffing, I think, we should ask the animals concerned
    third: 😉


  2. Tammy

    This is just a party perfect picture…I’m with the kids, I’m squealing in delight wishing I was at that party!


  3. Steven

    Just imagine what the table conversation was! Fun take on the theme and good you caught it while it lasted.


  4. KarenAnn

    Birthday parties…a favorite childhood celebration. A great advertising technique to get the kids’ and then the Moms’ attention. Very happy and fun photo!


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