Looking for the spiral stairs I found a UNIQUE CAMERA ANGLE

A UNIQUE CAMERA ANGLE taken from the top floor to the basement on a stairway I walked for years. I chose this view for this theme for a couple reasons. First, the repeating patterns created with the railings and steps. Second, the Alfred Hitchcock look of spiraling down through the center of the triangle. Finally, the visual confusion of the composition makes the mind whirl trying to stitch the scene together. 

Thanks Lois for your inspirational shot of the staircase when visiting your government building this past winter!

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22 thoughts on “Looking for the spiral stairs I found a UNIQUE CAMERA ANGLE

  1. Lorri

    Like Steven, I thought of Escher too when viewing this shot! It’s very interesting and I want to turn the monitor around very slowly and view it from every angle!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      I was unfamiliar with Escher’s Relativity – I’ve googled – now I am humbled to be linked with comparison thinking!! Thank you so much!!!!


  2. Tammy

    Now this is an angle…I too thought of Alfred Hitchcock lol I don’t know whether I am going down or up, but I could stare at this forever!


  3. Lois

    Wow! This is a great image, and very unique camera angle. Thanks for the nod to John’s photo of the staircase at the capitol building. We have really enjoyed stretching our imaginations for the 365 challenge. Viewing the participants’ blogs has been inspirational, educational and entertaining. Love your exceptional staircase shot!


  4. KarenAnn

    Great stairway photo…love all the interlocking railings and steps. Sometimes one is in such a hurry to get someplace that we overlook these everyday interesting shots. Super composition!


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