There are instances in life that need to be preserved – this was one of those moments. The saying goes… a picture is worth a thousand words, please, please please don’t make me write a thousand words.

Elizabeth was featured for the multicolored photo theme and she thanks everyone for the comments. Now she has headline fever and is going to be impossible with demands like “ok, I’ve had breakfast now how much longer for LUNCH TIME?” Honestly she has always been quiet and unassuming now over night she’s become a social media diva!

This isn’t a staged photo, any person owned by a cat understands this sort of moment could never be planned. A cat’s looks and gestures for some unknown reasoning easily translate to human understanding. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whew I did it and didn’t have to use 1000 words!  The end.

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    1. she’s a real sweet girl and we are glad she is part of the family. honestly this wasn’t staged she took a nap next to her bowl more than one time!


  1. Elizabeth looks a little portly, but Angus says the camera adds the pounds so don’t jump to conclusions. However, the empty dish serving as a prop doesn’t help!


  2. I too, have quite the hungry cat on my hands. Hes quite something. Also nicknames as “Fatty” 😉 He seems to like it.


  3. If I hadn’t read your commentary, I would have assumed she had collapsed on the floor for a well earned rest after polishing off the bowl fo food! She’s going to chastise you later for posting a shot that makes her butt look big.


    1. LOL It’s all about the timing. Once she caught 2 little birds and brought them to the door. I told her to wait till I got the camera. By the time I got back she had let them go! Thankfully.


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