The MULTICOLORED cat in my life

Each day requires inspiration to keep plugging along and for photo challenge theme fulfillment. Today my inspiration was triggered by Karen Ann’s Fast Food post.

No, there is anything fast taking place in this picture but the size of Elizabeth’s belly shows food is a large part of her life. Fast or slow doesn’t matter to her, just keep the food flowing.

Back to the inspiration. This MULTICOLORED girl has 3 hobbies, eating, grooming and sleeping. This image probably doesn’t need much interpretation as to which hobby she is engaged in at this moment!! She was doing her best impression of Goldie Locks. I was in the empty spot in the foreground and when I got up she moved in and was pretending she had been there all along. All that in less than a minute!

If you love the antics of cats; and who doesn’t stop by Karen’s site and enjoy her cat fancy at Simple Little Pleasures

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