BENEATH the Esplanade

Standing BENEATH the cover of an Esplanade at the end of one walkway further displays the continuity of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s geometric and repeating patterns that flow from the pillars right up to the roof lines of his architecture.

With so many of our 365 Challenge participants using topaz adjust and producing such interesting and wonderful effects I have been inspired and decided to download the plug-in. Truthfully there is no rhyme or reason for any resulting images I’ve tried so far but, I have been documenting results on images that float my artistic boat. Hopefully viewers will enjoy the post, let me know your thoughts!

hdr pop – plus pse9 enhance / color correction

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9 thoughts on “BENEATH the Esplanade

  1. Ruth-Ellen

    Great composition and view. I like your processing. Don’t know much about the Topaz effect but have seen a lot of people using it.


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      So glad you are back! I’m using a 30 day free trial of Topaz. Just go to and look for the free download, it’s kind of a blast for a change of pace.


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