The ARTS… music to my heart and soul

So many controversies exsist because there are many passionate points of view for any given subject. Art is subjective. There is an art for each of our senses including touch, sight and sound. The music that comes from this beautifully crafted Baby Grand Piano falls under the heading of The ARTS in my world. Hopefully there is room for The ARTS some place in your life!


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8 thoughts on “The ARTS… music to my heart and soul

  1. danudin

    Music, Art – Subjectivity, I don’t know if I like Vivaldi, Dylan, Eartha Kitt or Steeleeye Span the best Oh hang it I will listen to them all – whenever!


  2. twoapples1

    Music is a wonderful way to connect with people or just relax. It has such a wide range of emotions. It would be hard to live without it. Great pic.


  3. sassy Dorland

    I love BAby Grands I have had the opportunity to have my fingers touch their beautiful keys and let it make the melodies flow.
    I also love the composition for the artists view and yours…


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