Leaded GLASS

A wall of leaded GLASS panels illuminate the William H. Danforth chapel which is located on the Southern Florida College campus. Unlike the massive size of the Annie Pfieffer Chapel this chapel has a warm and intimate feeling.  This is the only work of Frank Lloyd Wright in leaded GLASS on the campus. The high gloss polish on the floor reflects and doubles the flood of light and geometric design in this space.

I have seen pictures taken from the outdoors of the chapel at night time, such a beautiful sight. Perhaps one evening I will have the personal experience.


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BENEATH the Esplanade

Standing BENEATH the cover of an Esplanade at the end of one walkway further displays the continuity of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s geometric and repeating patterns that flow from the pillars right up to the roof lines of his architecture.

With so many of our 365 Challenge participants using topaz adjust and producing such interesting and wonderful effects I have been inspired and decided to download the plug-in. Truthfully there is no rhyme or reason for any resulting images I’ve tried so far but, I have been documenting results on images that float my artistic boat. Hopefully viewers will enjoy the post, let me know your thoughts!

hdr pop – plus pse9 enhance / color correction

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It’s not every day that most of us get an INTERIOR look of a Baby Grand Piano. Having had an opportunity to shoot as I pleased became a photo opportunity I couldn’t pass by. 

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A BOLD look for Macro Monday


Hey it’s Macro Monday, that means it’s time to stop over to http://lisaschaos.com/ and see all the fun macro and close up photo posts and add one of your own!


Walking through the grounds of Florida Southern College was a small garden space across from one of the dorms. Here is a close up view of the underside of the garden gazebo roof. The photo was taken while standing at the entrance looking up. A tight shot was framed in camera with this as the end result.  Revealed is this BOLD design from the components of the wood framed structure, shadows and blue sky. Anyone knowing my style of photo-art will understand why this was an image that couldn’t be passed by.

I see a spider web, Do You See What I See????


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IN THE DETAILS… a look at architecture


Viewing the interior of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel from the balcony the visual symmetry is obvious. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright designs display all of what is  IN THE DETAILS.

Regardless of where I stood I was mesmerized by the balance and light incorporated into this auditorium.
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A look from above… EXHIBIT the “Bow Tie” design of Frank Lloyd Wright

Looking across the expanse between the balcony and the tower of the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel EXHIBIT the Bow Tie design incorporated into the Tower.

The components of concrete, glass and iron brought together Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision that combined the look of modern architecture with an added organic feel to his projects on the campus of Florida Southern College.

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The cross is a symbol of Christian RELIGION. The positioning of this cross looking high up to the heavens lends a quiet yet powerful spiritual meaning.

This cross sits on top of the Centennial Tower on the campus of Florida Southern College.

Many structures on the Florida Southern College campus were designed by and built by the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright over a 20 year period between

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