FUZZY Blooms from a Bottle Brush

This is a photo of a Bottle Brush tree in full bloom. The FUZZY red blooms resemble a bottle brush. This is an evergreen tree that blooms several times a year beginning at late winter through early summer. The fullest flush of the downward growing flower are during late winter to early spring.

16 thoughts on “FUZZY Blooms from a Bottle Brush

  1. jackscrap

    I love your image especially because of the reds, so I hope you don’t mind when i post something similar for the same theme – we seem to have had the same thought simultaneously!!


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Thanks for your kind words. No worries about posting similar image for same theme, I get inspiration from others and sometimes post similar of the same theme. Sometimes on the same day without knowing. Our posts for today are a great example of that! LOL


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