Walking a-ROUND Auburndale Farmer’s Market

Sights, sounds, smells and samples of fresh produce abound inside the Auburndale Farmer’s Market. This market is a tourist shopping destination because of the diversity of foods and wares for sale. One of the offerings on this visit were large ROUND white onions with green tops, a spring time favorite used in salads and sizzled on the grill.



11 thoughts on “Walking a-ROUND Auburndale Farmer’s Market

  1. Tammy

    These make for a fabulous image…love the stark white against the greenery!

    I can hardly wait for our farmer market to start…should only be a few months… 🙂


  2. Julie McLeod

    I don’t know that I’ve ever had an onion that was fresh (except for scallions). This is a super shot – I like how we can see bits of the other produce offerings in the background.


  3. Tony

    so fresh and beautiful, great capture! White against green and vice versa, the picture tells a good story!


  4. KarenAnn

    Love the glistening white exteriors on those fresh onions…makes me hungry for some grilled or even creamed as my grandma made them. Your shooting angle adds interest.


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