No calorie CUPCAKES now available in a store near you!

The CUPCAKE photo theme presented a special challenge because when sweets are in the house they get eaten.  A recent outing with the girls included a stop at Bed Bath & Beyond. There in the bakeware aisle was the answer to the CUPCAKE dilemma, an array of CUPCAKE pans. Whew, a theme fulfillment with no calorie CUPCAKES!



14 thoughts on “No calorie CUPCAKES now available in a store near you!

  1. KarenB

    That’s a creative way to fill this theme! Have you noticed how popular cupcakes have become? I don’t have them in the house either, so I’ll have to look for them in other places, too.


  2. Tammy

    lol Every time I walk by that display I want that huge cupckae….now that I know they are 0 calories I might just get me one 🙂


  3. KarenAnn

    Super creative idea! I have one of those giant cupcake pans…they are easy to bake however not so easy to frost with all the grooves in the top!


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