The DESIGN of a conservatory

Taking a peek through this doorway brought thoughts of what a DESIGN of an old time conservatory would be like.

Do You See What I See…

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Dining OUTDOORS can be relaxing

The rich colors of the handcrafted tiles on the table were inviting and this looked like a perfect place for OUTDOOR dining. The warmth from the color of the brick pavers on the patio and the coolness from the shade added to the relaxed atmosphere of this garden.  

Do You See What I See…       © PC PHOTO 2012      All rights reserved 

A BOLD look for Macro Monday


Hey it’s Macro Monday, that means it’s time to stop over to and see all the fun macro and close up photo posts and add one of your own!


Walking through the grounds of Florida Southern College was a small garden space across from one of the dorms. Here is a close up view of the underside of the garden gazebo roof. The photo was taken while standing at the entrance looking up. A tight shot was framed in camera with this as the end result.  Revealed is this BOLD design from the components of the wood framed structure, shadows and blue sky. Anyone knowing my style of photo-art will understand why this was an image that couldn’t be passed by.

I see a spider web, Do You See What I See????


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