Sandhill Cranes and their colts

First-look-Sandhill-Crane-family-with-one-colt-7965Sandhill Crane eggs have begun to hatch here in Florida. This week I watched this family for an hour as they meandered through the grasses foraging for food.


colt & adult at the road  sooc  DSC_3478

Early morning dew from the grasses collected on the front of this one week old colt. They often flap their wings while walking to keep their balance until they get a little bigger and used to their long legs. They shadow their parents waiting to be fed and learning how to find food.

On the way back to the parking area I came across another Sandhill Crane family with 2 colts… they were on the way into tall grasses so we will have to wait for another day to tell their story.


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20 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes and their colts

  1. Tammy

    Love that you were able to capture the chicks! They are migrating thru the middle of our state right now…I have been seeing some outstanding images, although I have not been able to make the trip yet. For now, I will just have to enjoy your pictures! 🙂


  2. Lorri

    I have heard a lot of Sandhills overhead recently as they fly north and seen the adults up close at a popular resting area for them. But I have never seen a baby sandhill before your photos!


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