Great Blue Heron chick – 2 months old

GBH chick 2mos  DSC_3388

Since the last post on January 25 3 things you need to know about Great Blue Herons this chick has grown to the size of the adults and should fledge soon. Unfortunately the nest mate of this one did not survive, it is likely the vultures had nothing to do with its demise.

Do You See What I See…

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14 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron chick – 2 months old

  1. bfcphotos

    That is amazing I count myself fortunate to see herons when we’re kayaking. To be able to capture their nests and babies is beyond wonderful. Is the hulking black bird a vulture?


    1. PC PHOTO Post author

      Viewing them from the water must be a terrific experience. Yes that is a black vulture. There are loads of black and turkey vultures that stay in the area and the tree the nest is in is used by every one in the neighborhood. Osprey often bring their lunch there and dine above the nest and the heron longingly looks up hoping for a handout. Eagles and pileated woodpeckers perch there too.


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