Sandhill Crane Colt grows up

single-sandhill-crane-colt--8244A quick update on my post from March 22 Sandhill Cranes and their colts. It’s one month later and the colt that was knee high to the adults has legs as long as the adults. It’s outgrowing the rusty colored down feathers and growing its adult plumage and is foraging fore its own food while staying close to parents just in case a hand out is offered.

sandhill-crane-family-single-colt---8247 Do You See What I See…

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14 thoughts on “Sandhill Crane Colt grows up

  1. I am enjoying your follow-up with the colts. We have bird sanctuaries in nearby counties and enjoy seeing migratory birds as well.

  2. Super photo of the Sandhill Cranes. We have spotted a few that have come back after the cold winter, but not close enough to photograph.

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