Landscape Photography week 3

LANDSCAPE III  The past few weeks landscape photography has been the subject.

Thanks for your input I’ve got some good ideas for the future.

Do you think this view would be considered as a landscape photograph?

Do You See What I See…

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14 thoughts on “Landscape Photography week 3

  1. elmediat

    This composition leads the viewer in towards the pot ( is there a subliminal political message here ?) that implies sequential action and suggests a narrative. With colour there is a subtle tranquility to the narrative, but it also has an element of mystery. The mystery would become very dramatic in B&W or monochrome tonals.
    You did something with the light/processing that I can not put my finger on. Either that or I have been dealing with winter for so long that I am having trouble adjusting to the shades of tropical greenery. 😀 .


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