Landscape Photography week IV

LANDSCAPE the fog is lifting1

Landscape photography has been my focus for the past few weeks.

I asked for input and the responses has spurred thoughts future landscapes.

The great thing about photography/art is that everyone sees something different.

This weeks landscape photo is about fog lifting along a path. It seemed fitting because it may not be clear to everyone looking yet there is a path each photo is trying to illustrate.

Do You See What I See…

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14 thoughts on “Landscape Photography week IV

  1. Cathy

    One of my favourites so far. Love how the path meanders away and makes you want to hop into the computer screen and follow it:-)


  2. elmediat

    The misty fog gives it a soft painterly quality.
    In B&W it would probably feel more like a scene from a movie from the late 30s or early 40s. Mind you, that could just be a memory/association from the Friday Late Night TV movies I watched in my impressionable youth. 🙂


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