Photographers hear the word MACRO and thoughts automatically expect to see an image containing intensely detailed close up view.

However, this photographer thought a 70 – 300mm lens was on the camera when in fact a 105mm Micro/macro was mounted.

Macro* - Not what you expected1

Just because a lens has a manufacturers designation as Prime, Zoom, Macro etc. it doesn’t mean that alternative uses aren’t an option.

When in Rome…

Do You See What I See… 
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  1. When I first started looking at macros a few years ago I could have used this post lol Wonderful image!


    1. They are woodpeckers Bobbie, Pileated Woodpeckers. At one point there were 5 on the tree but as they say in fishing ‘you should have seen the one(s) that got away’


    1. Thank you Ivor. Since this incident I have been using this lens for more than macro the biggest downside of that is it is heavy and I get worn out before the battery 🙂


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