A perfect night of photographing Dusk / Night at the wildlife reserve

Dusk:Sunset d5200 Sunset Setting Circle B d5200  1 Couldn’t ask for a more picturesque evening to be at Circle B Bar Reserve to witness the sun fading from DUSK into NIGHT in Central Florida


Do You See What I See… 

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22 thoughts on “A perfect night of photographing Dusk / Night at the wildlife reserve

        • 3 snakes were on the trail and were feared to be Cotton mouths a brave soul turned her cell phone light on and got close enough to identify one which fortunately wasn’t a Cotton – this photographer stood frozen with panic!!! Then the rest of the hike back I thought every little stick and so on was a threat, lol. Needless to say I managed to survive.

    • It was magical with that bigger than normal sun. I almost omitted the pink sky after sun set but I had to tell the whole story :), glad you enjoyed.

  1. Pearl, I do see what you see and it’s magnificant!!!!! Love it….. iliil Sassy

  2. Such stunning colors…my favorite is the first picture! Would be a great combo of pictures to frame together!

  3. Oh my, what a beautiful series! So glad you braved the reptiles to capture these…I’m shivering thinking about it.

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