A birds eye view

Photographers often visit and revisit certain locations. One of my favorite places to photograph again and again is Circle B Bar Reserve. After hiking countless miles over many years photographing the landscape and wildlife I took to the sky for a birds view.*1 Liftoff 0555


The Discovery Nature Center complex is where visitors begin their experience at the reserve. The lake looks close by the center and it is as the crow flies but when walking the  trails you discover it is quite a trek.*1a discovery ctr 1a-0383


Above the treeline where Alligator Alley and Shady Oak trails meet was disorienting because at ground level the tree canopy is so dense not much light gets through. It took a couple passes overhead before I was orientated to where we were on the property.*1b treelined trails 1b-0370


Soaring over Lake Hancock the observation platform is below, it was at this very moment I felt I was seeing the view as a bird does.*1c observation platform 1c-0450


Heading into the Banana River marsh area is the intersection of Heron Hideout, Alligator Alley and Marsh Rabbit Run trails one of the easiest locations to recognize and most traveled on if you are a regular visitor to the reserve.  *1d iconic trail 1d-0464


This is one of my favorite views on that day even with the hazy sky because it shows the expansiveness of the marsh area and this is only a partial view of it.*1e majestic marsh 1e-0463


Eagle Roost trail reveals a landscape of upland habitat that is so different from the lake and marsh areas with its long leaf pines, sand and grasses it’s a no wonder why National Geographic wrote about Circle B’s diversity.*1f diverse landscape 1e-0467


In a flash it was time to head back to the base so I took one final look back at the fabulous vista from an unseen vantage point unless you are in the air. *1g last look 1g-0483


Back at the base landing on water is much softer than tarmac landings in a 2 seater plane. Many thanks to my pilot Luke who without his skill I would not have viewed this wilderness area from the sky.*1h back at base 1h-0546

This wraps up a glimpse from my adventure into a birds eye view at my happy place. If you are a regular visitor to Circle B you will recognize familiar sights and if you have not been this is an overview of the lay of the land that is teaming with wildlife.

*1i free ad 1i-0302Now a little well deserved free advertising, if you ever considered a sightseeing flight in central Florida I highly recommend Brown’s Seaplane in Auburndale, their staff is friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.

Special thanks to my husband for his thoughtfulness to arrange this outing for me on our anniversary.

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Sandhill Cranes are Nesting

Happy Feet1

It’s springtime in Florida and the Sandhill Cranes are nesting.

These are the first 2 colts to be born at the Circle B Bar Reserve this year.

One colt kept its balance by flapping its wings to stay upright.

Hope this brings a smile to your face it sure brought one to mine.

BTW this shot fills the “Pictures of matchstick men” theme slot.

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Did you know that Sandhill Crane YOUNG offspring are called colts?

Recently I learned the YOUNG Sandhill Cranes were not chicks but are referred to as colts. 

What a treat to be so close to photograph this Sandhill Crane with her 2 colts standing beneath her while they go about their lives.

#1 crane w: 2 colts beneathDo You See What I See… 

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FRIENDSHIP and LOVE all rolled up together

At times the line between FRIENDSHIP and LOVE is nonexistent

About 10 feet above the ground in a crotch of a cypress tree concealed by Spanish moss was this family of raccoons taking an afternoon siesta. 

#1 Raccoons #2 friendship:love Raccoons napping1

Above Mom keeps an eye on me

Below the cubs roll over one another to get comfy

#2 Raccoons**** friendship:love Raccoons napping1

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Would you say that Roseate Spoonbill’s have an OFF BEAT / QUIRKY look?

Roseate Spoonbills derive their name because of their QUIRKY flattened bill which they sweep side to side to find food.

3 spoonbills #3  w: high pass1Pale white coloring is an immature, their coloring deepens with age, adults have brilliant pink coloring.

1 spoonbill  w: high pass1  Approximate size 30 inches with 50 inch wingspan.

spoonbill spread wings  w: high pass1This photo series was taken over time this winter at Circle B Bar Reserve located in Polk County Florida.

Post script to What does SPRING mean to you?, the young heron fledged 2 days after I took the photo (wish I could have see that). 

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What does SPRING mean to you?

To me SPRING is the season of renewal and new life.

spring   nesting baby heron

During the past several weeks I’ve been visiting Circle B Bar Reserve photographing migrating birds and other Florida wildlife. One of my favorite sights has been watching this immature Great Blue Heron in its nest high above the ground. It was surprising to find it still clamoring for food this week it looks as if it shouldn’t be long before it can fly and hunt for its own food.


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Are you getting bored with my WILDLIFE photo’s?

This is one of my favorite new WILDLIFE shots.

This gator was sunning itself along side the Rabbit Run trail at Circle B Bar Reserve.

The best vantage point to show its size was shooting through tree branches.

Wildlife gator thru branches1


Should I keep posting wildlife shots or is it time to move on to different subject matter?

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