Did you know that Sandhill Crane YOUNG offspring are called colts?

Recently I learned the YOUNG Sandhill Cranes were not chicks but are referred to as colts. 

What a treat to be so close to photograph this Sandhill Crane with her 2 colts standing beneath her while they go about their lives.

#1 crane w: 2 colts beneathDo You See What I See… 

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25 thoughts on “Did you know that Sandhill Crane YOUNG offspring are called colts?

  1. Never have seen a baby sandhill crane…now this is quite the capture and what a great perspective! LOVE this one! We are gong to North Platte for Easter and the Sandhill cranes are migrating thru central Nebraska…maybe I will get lucky!

    • This was the first year I’d seen babies too. Hope you had a chance to ‘shoot’ some while you were in North Platte.

    • Thank you and I agree this goes into the ‘special’ file. Believe it or not this past week I got some better shots on a different trail. The parent and chick walked across the trail straight to me. That was a tad unnerving because I wasn’t sure of the parent’s intent. Needless to say I survived to shoot another day. Btw she walked past me into a pond for a drink of water :}

  2. Had you shown just the babies and asked me to pair them with a photo of the parent, I doubt I could have done it! Nice shot!

    • They are cute and so darn sweet. I made the mistake of calling them chicks to a well versed birder and was politely informed they are called colts. Photography is so educational!

  3. Great shot of the cranes and colts! (I bet I know why they call the babies after equine babies rather than bird babies: Those awkward unfolding legs! Like a newborn foal–although COLT in equines refers to MALES only. Females are FILLIES.)

    • The equine connection does make sense 🙂 I’m guessing that there isn’t a distinction between the sexes because no one gets that close to verify which is what. It has been great fun for me to watch them grow over the past few weeks.

  4. What a wonderful image you have captured…I would never have seen these birds so up close to see how sweet they are. Your crop is perfect too. I was not aware of the babies being called colts…a great trivia question!

    • Had it not been for photographing them I wouldn’t have known the proper term for the babies. So happy to share my part of the country with you. I did take some shots full view of mom but the tighter shots told a better story.

  5. This is exquisite. Such detail and I love that they are so “leggy” just like other colts (of the horse variety). Gorgeous mother/child shot

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