My ACTION shot caught the attention of Topaz Labs!

Have you heard the news?

Topaz Labs has launched an Instagram account this week it showcases photos enhanced with their software.

Why am I excited? 

Because this ACTION shot I took  at the Beach n’ Boards Fest in Cocoa Beach is on their main page!

ACTION surfer*** on topaz instagram1

Last week I uploaded this photo to Topaz Labs Facebook page for “Topaz Tuesday” the day their software users can showcase work.  I was contacted by Topaz and asked if they could use my shot. How cool is that!

Stop by their new Instagram site at and see how other photographers are using their editing software to enhance the images. If you aren’t using Topaz products think about trying out their 30 day free trials and don’t forget their upgrades are free. Plus they offer free webinars to learn how to use the software.

Do You See What I See… 

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30 thoughts on “My ACTION shot caught the attention of Topaz Labs!

  1. Awesome! And well deserved. The lighting is just amazing–and then there’s the surfer, just caught in the curl of the wave.

    • Thank you Bobbie! The lighting on that day was challenging and without the Topaz plug-ins this wouldn’t be as cool as it is.

    • Thank you! We don’t often get waves this nice I had as much fun shooting the photos as the surfers did catching the waves.

  2. High five to you! Looks like a much more pleasant place to be than here on the plains with our below zero weather this week! Awesome photo!

    • Thanks Clara! They do have great products and customer service, it will be interesting to see how Google/Nik will affect their business if any.

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