Are you getting bored with my WILDLIFE photo’s?

This is one of my favorite new WILDLIFE shots.

This gator was sunning itself along side the Rabbit Run trail at Circle B Bar Reserve.

The best vantage point to show its size was shooting through tree branches.

Wildlife gator thru branches1


Should I keep posting wildlife shots or is it time to move on to different subject matter?

Do You See What I See… 

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30 thoughts on “Are you getting bored with my WILDLIFE photo’s?

  1. KarenAnn

    This gator appears to be deciding whether or not to taste the photographer! Superb closeup! I’m definitely NOT bored with your current photo theme of wildlife…they’re sooo much different than any wildlife around here.


  2. bulldog

    Why give up on what you enjoy… should I give up on my animals and birds… I’m not driven by what others want to see but what I want to post and if people get tired then take a break from looking at my post… I certainly will never tire of looking at your animals… I love it…


  3. munchow

    That is a mean looking creature. Wouldn’t want to fall in the water around him… A great shot, emphasizing the strength and danger of this animal. Great colours, too, and I like the blur created by the branches in the foreground.


  4. Tammy

    Never ever sick of your wildlife shots….and this one is an award winner (especially with that toothy grin)…wonder if he is grinning because he thinks he found dinner??


  5. elmediat

    When a gator allow you to take a shot like that, you take the shot. I don’t know which is worse, meeting a bear on the trail here or a gator in yout neck of the woods. It would not just be rabbits running if I met one on the trail. 😀


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