REFLECTIONS of the sky and surrounding hedge row added definition to the ripples created by the blue winged teal’s as they swam in the pond.

blue winged teal


Do You See What I See… 

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28 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. The gaggle of teal in the middle of the sky reflected ripples in the water and the few in the reeds with the one flying above seem to reflect last nights “State of the Union” speech.

    • You should have been there 5 seconds earlier there was screeching and commotion coming from the pickerelweed! Guess that explains the heron flying off in the background. Glad you enjoyed this one!

  2. This is just so serene and peaceful! I would love to sit there for an afternoon…love those blue wings too…another bird I have not seen!

  3. Stunning shot! That one should be framed and over the fireplace, to see every day! (And I’ve not seen those blue winged teals, either!)

    • I was trying out my new polarizer filter and was pleased with this result. Just a few seconds earlier most of them were ‘bottoms up’ and I grabbed that one too almost posted it but wasn’t sure if the humor I saw would translate.

  4. The rings on the pond draw our attention to the ducks in the center. (BTW my husband, who rarely looks at the computer when I’m browsing the blogs, noticed this photo & really liked it.)

    • Tell your husband I appreciate his browse and enjoyment! I agree with your thoughts about the rings had they not been there this would just be another bird shot. Thank you so much Bobbie.

  5. The colors in this photo are so appealing and in combination with the ripples and the nice framing, make it really special. Wonder what the group is discussing???

  6. Beautiful composition. The captured action of the bird flying on the angle away from the camera balances the serenity of birds resting on the reflected surface 🙂

    • This was the first time I’d seen the plants blooming and was walking over to shoot some macros when I found this scene! Glad you enjoyed.

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