…but this one is.

A neighbor has a RED landscape poinsettia that stands nearly 6 feet high.

Is there really a difference between the potted varieties that are sold at winter  holiday times and specimens such as this?

RED pointsetta ***


Do You See What I See…  

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  1. Wow, now that’s a poinsettia! I thought they had to go through a certain light cycle in order to bloom. Surprises me that it would be possible in Florida. Will have to do some reading up on them.


    1. I think this gardener gives her plant tlc because this is the biggest one I have ever seen. It would be amazing to see larger ones, you are so lucky! Glad you joined us this year 🙂


  2. Yes there is. They are outside in the nice warm sun. Ours are going a bit potty near a cool windowsill . 😀
    Warmest wishes for the New Year to you & your family.


  3. I have never seen a poinsettia plant that big…that is gorgeous!

    Thanks for catching the incorrect blog address…I was wondering where you have been! 🙂 It is all corrected now!


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