WINTER isn’t all about snow

WINTER means cold temperatures and snow to many people.

Southerners continue wear shorts and sunglasses but there is a defined look for the season.

Palm fronds turn brown, Spanish moss hangs on to trees while the leaves fall to the ground and skies often look milky. 

WINTER***alligator alley

A look down the canal is an example of what winter looks like in Florida; it isn’t always lush and green and there isn’t any snow. 

 Do You See What I See…  

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40 thoughts on “WINTER isn’t all about snow

    • There are signs at the beginning of the trail to beware of the alligators. We did see quite a few fortunately they appeared to have tummies full because we made it through without having to run or scream like school girls 🙂

  1. I have to admit that, living in New England, I find it hard to conceive of a winter that doesn’t involve snow, frozen ponds and layers of clothes. Your winter is more serene. This photo looks Impressionistic.

    • Most of our lives we experienced the same as you. The only part I miss is the freshly fallen snow coating trees. You totally saw the impressionistic touches I added!

    • There are so many tranquil places other than the theme parks here but most people come to whoop it up and be entertained that they miss what I think are the best parts of being here.

      • I came over to Florida for a “me” holiday last summer, and went on a canoe trip on a river just outside Tampa, it was so gorgeous… and so peaceful. I loved it

  2. Interesting…I thought things WERE green etc all year round there…a subtle, though still beautiful winter season is new info for me! Your photo really says shows a peaceful, resting Mother Nature.

  3. Beautiful. It may not be lush green, but is GREEN. 😀 We have hit an unusual mild snap that will be over by morning. Sometimes Winter is Slush Brown-Grey.

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