Will TRAVEL to watch Manatee

Well it isn’t actually TRAVEL when the trip is less than 2 hrs but it was well worth the time today.

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20 thoughts on “Will TRAVEL to watch Manatee

    • They are amazing creatures, I get so excited when they come in to warmer waters. These were at Apollo Beach at the teco power plant. This place out shines Crystal River by a lot.

    • Yeah they are cousins right? I got some good shots and will be posting more just as soon as I calm down, these creatures really float my boat.

  1. Lucky you, to get to see them. we went last year and only saw 1 and that was like a showdow.. Great photo Pearl..iliil Sassy

    • The Gulf water temp has dropped so early they were happy to be in the warm water at the teco power plant in Apollo Beach today. It’s only an hour’s drive much more fun than playing golf 🙂

    • They are sort of like sea lions only they weigh about 800 lbs and move much slower, lol. I am fortunate to see them and am happy to share.

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    • Yes they are free to come and go into the Gulf of Mexico. They like this area because the power plant releases hot water into the canal and they come in for the warmth.

    • No polarizer just a uv filter. This was on an opposite side of the boardwalk and the water looked different because it was shallow.

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