A bit of LEISURE and WORK

A day at the beach is what I chose for LEISURE and this cast net fisherman was hard at WORK because of the rough surf.


28 thoughts on “A bit of LEISURE and WORK

    • Some days the sea gets angry for no apparent reason and this was one of them. He was catching mullet’s and sold some to other fishermen and used some himself to catch larger fish.

  1. Outstanding…. I can see the spray on the left and the color change from sand to depth. Great Shot!!!!

  2. Yes this is some shot….it does seem like a difficult way to obtain your next meal. The picture makes it seem like an impossible task.

    • He was catching the fish in the net and selling them to the fishermen on shore, then he used the left overs to fish for himself. It was amazing to watch.

  3. What a perfect perspective you chose! Even with warm water that looks like a hard thing to do, a very elemental way to fish.

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